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Fannke was born out of my desire to avail high-quality, functional, and easy-to-use kitchen tools. Growing up, I found few things more gratifying than enjoying a meal that I had prepared from scratch. After my mother was diagnosed with mild Arthritis, it became increasingly difficult for her to operate some kitchen tools, such as the garlic press.

Even after becoming a line cook in a popular restaurant, most of the generic garlic tools I have come across leave a lot to be desired. Back then, the garlic tools that met the expectations of most at-home and professional cooks were either too expensive or short-lived.

Driven by this frustration and my love for culinary arts, I set out to design and make new-iconic garlic tools that any cook can relate to. At Fannke, we are committed to signature tools that perform just as well as they look.  

Why Fannke Garlic Tools?

Innovative non-slip, ergonomic handles, impeccable craftsmanship, and high-quality materials are some of the things cooks have come to love about our tools. At Fannke, we are the premier culinary tools brand for professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts alike. We are particularly renowned for our innovative highly efficient, durable, and easy-to-use electric garlic chopper slicer.

Our collection of garlic tools includes an array of garlic twists, garlic press, and garlic slicer tools. We have simply revolutionized the way seasoned chefs, and even amateur cooks, zest, grate, mince, slice, and crush garlic cloves. Our range of garlic tools have were specifically designed with discerning chefs in mind.

The all-embracing tools are feature ergonomic handles and are sure to add a sense of style and functionality to your kitchen. Fannke garlic tools will make quick work of the otherwise tedious and tricky task of grating, peeling, slicing, and mincing garlic and similar ingredients for a flavorful, gourmet style cooking experience.